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Mineral Index

Treasures of the Earth Ltd. can provide mineral specimens for the amateur and the serious collector. We sell specimens of many rare minerals in price ranges to meet every collector's pocket book. Below you will find a complete index of all the mineral specimens we carry. Some of these minerals have links to pictures and a more complete description of that mineral.

Adamite Galena Opal
Adamite & Calcite Garnet Purpurite
Agate Geodes Pyrite
Amazonite Gypsum Smokey Quartz
Amethyst Halite Quartz
Anhydrite Jade Rhodocrosite
Apatite, Calcite, & Augite Jasper Selenite
Aragonite Kimberlite Septarian Geodes
Azurite & Malachite Kunzite Shattuckite
Bloodstone Kyanite Stalactitic Quartz
Calcite Lapis Lazuli Stibiconite
Celestite Lepidocrosite Stibnite
Chalcedony Roses Lepidolite Tektites
Chalchanthite Limonite Psuedomorph Tiger Iron
Chalcopyrite Lodestone Tourmaline
Chrysocolla Magnetite Tumbled Stones
Citrine Malachite Turquoise
Cobaltocalcite Malachite w/ other minerals Ulexite
Copper Manganite Vanadanite
Emerald Meteorites Wulfenite
Erthyrite Obsidian Zeolites
Fluorescent Geodes Okenite  

Please be aware that the samples you see on these pages are strictly that, samples. Most minerals will come in various other shapes and sizes than just the ones we have here, so please ask if you don't see what you are looking for.